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Eureka Greenland Tours would like to invite you to experience this tastefully unique and sophisticated Land of Serengeti and ‘Roof of Africa’, Mount Kilimanjaro. Tanzania conjures excitement, which demystifies whole continent of Africa. The landscapes are breathtaking and its beauty is unequal; Mount Kilimanjaro – Africa’s highest mountain, Lake Tanganyika – Africa’s deepest lake, Lake Victoria – the world’s second largest lake and many more sites that will make your safari memorable and something to talk about for years and years after.

Eureka Greenland Tours and its experienced guides will show you all that you might imagining when you were thinking of going on a safari. The diversity of wildlife, trekking challenges and Tanzanian coast, dotted with historic and romantic islands like Zanzibar, Pemba and Mafia, are ready to seduce all of your senses and to make your holiday memorable.

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Kilimanjaro Climbing Routes / Itineraries

6 Days Kilimanjaro Climb -> Machame Route

Machame Route 6 Days For those who only have six days to climb Kilimanjaro, the Machame route is the best choice because of its acclimatization...

7 Days Kilimanjaro Climb -> Machame route

Machame route 7 Days Machame route, also known as the Whisky route, has become very popular. This is camping route which offers spectacular views of...

7Days Kilimanjaro Climb -> Rongai Route

Rongai Route 7Days This is one of Kilimanjaro’s easiest routes, and it has become an increasingly popular route in recent years. This route is located...

8Days Kilimanjaro Climb -> Lemosho Route

Lemosho Route 8 Days The 8 day Lemosho variation is the ideal schedule for this route. On the 8 day Lemosho route, the trek from...

6 Days / 5 Nights Kilimanjaro Climb – Marangu Route

Marangu Route 6 Days Day One: Marangu Gate (1,800m/5,905ft) to Mandara Hut (2,743m/9,000ft) Leave Arusha at 8am for Marangu Gate. After completing gate registration, begin your...

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